About Us


To explore our world with an adventurous spirit in a sustainable way.


We envision a company where a group of friends has come together to create accessible outdoor adventures that facilitate joy and childlike wonder.   

Our Guiding Philosophies 


Keep it simple. 


Out to Sea Expedition Company was founded on the belief that we can have fun and explore our world while also being good stewards of our environment and our community. We strive to be economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and avoid creating negative impacts wherever possible. Our office space is paperless, we source from fair trade and environmentally conscious companies when available, we partner with community and industry organizations, and we are committed to giving back to our community through volunteer work. 


The ocean is our cubicle, the forest is our breakroom, and the mountains are our boardroom. We strive to create a culture of adventure, exploration, and curiosity.  


We want people to have joy in their lives, and time to enjoy their lives. We will show compassion to all living things. We will support and protect the community and environment that sustains us.

-Send it (Safely)- 

Safety Culture + No Regrets = Success