Woman removing marine debris from a beach

Sustainability Policy

Out to Sea Expedition Company was founded on the belief that we can have fun and explore our world while also being good stewards of our environment and our community. We strive to be economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and avoid creating negative impacts wherever possible.

• We will be wise in our use of natural resources. Our office space is paperless. We will source from fair trade and environmentally conscious companies when available

• We will minimize our contribution to climate change by limiting our greenhouse gas emissions

• We will partner with community and industry organizations

• We will give preference to benefiting the local economy in our hiring and purchasing decisions

• We are committed to giving back to our community through volunteer work

• We will operate our tours in a manner that minimizes disturbance to wildlife and the local environment

• We will provide accurate and factual information about the ecosystem, cultures, and histories of the areas we operate in from a local point of view

• We will financially support the environmental, social, and sustainability efforts of others by contributing a minimum of 1% of gross sales to charitable organizations